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Russia’s Northern Fleet conducts naval landing on Chukotka’s Pacific coast

The marines practiced raids and elimination of militants with live firing, according to the Fleet's press service

MURMANSK, September 21. /TASS/. The Arctic group of Russia’s Northern Fleet conducted a landing operation at the Pacific coast of the Chukotka Peninsula, the Fleet's press service announced Monday.

"Today, the Arctic group of the Northern fleet conducted naval landing at the Pacific coast of the Chukotka Peninsula. Earlier on September 20, a group of the Northern Fleet's military and supply ships navigated from the Arctic Ocean into the Pacific through the Bering Strait. For the first time in history, a naval landing has been conducted on an unprepared coast of the Providence Bay in the Gulf of Anadyr of the Bering Sea," the statement runs.

The landing took place from the Kondopoga landing ship; following the landing, the marines headed for the designated site on BTR-82A armored personnel carriers and the DT-10P Vityaz two-section tracked all-terrain vehicles. At the exercise site, the marines practiced raids and elimination of militants with live firing.

In the coming days, the marines will also practice interaction with border control forces and other national security forces in order to protect Russian territory and resolve crisis situations in the Arctic.