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St. Petersburg hosts spectacular parade marking Russia's Navy Day

Main naval parade marking Russian Navy Day was held on July 29 in St. Petersburg

The Main Naval Parade was held on Navy Day in St. Petersburg. Taking part were 4,000 military and 39 warships. The parade kicked off on the Neva River. In the early hours of Sunday, the Annunciation (Blagoveshchensky), Palace (Dvortsovy), Trinity (Troitsky) and Liteyny drawbridges were raised for the passage of warships. Counter-terror boats with the Russian flag, the Armed Forces flag and the St. Andrew’s flag were at the head. They were followed by the assault boat D-67 with a replica of Peter the Great’s small boat on board. About 40 warplanes and helicopters took part in the air component of Russia’s Main Naval Parade. Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the Saint Petersburg event, in which he inspected the warships. See how Russia celebrated 2018 Navy Day.