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Expert warns cyberterrorism may grow and take new forms

Islamic State should not underestimated, the expert says

MOSCOW, October 23. /TASS/. Cybercrimes will be growing, and telephone terrorism is just start of their manifestation, experts say.

"What happened with telephone terrorism is the start of what terrorists may further invent. This is a very serious problem. I assume that with development of the internet and appearance of closed messengers it will be necessary to use weapons to deal with only one out of 10 terror attacks, while the other nine will be tackled sitting in front of a computer," Vice President of the International Association of Veterans of the Alpha Counter-Terror Unit Alexei Filatov said at a press conference on Monday.

He stressed that terrorism should not necessarily be based on Islam.

"I would not narrow terrorism down to Islamic State (IS, a terror organization, outlawed in Russia). One should understand that terrorism does not mean Muslims. Any forces may resort to terrorism, including our Slavic people, and people of any confession, in an effort to solve some of their problems," he stressed.

One should not underestimate IS, Goncharov said.

"If we see Islamic State as a crowd of hoodlums, that’s not so. There are very serious and tech savvy people in IS, and I think that cybercrimes conducted by them will be growing," he said.