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France’s presidential contenders return to Paris after voting outside capital

Upon arrival in Paris, Macron headed to his campaign headquarters

PARIS, May 7. /TASS/. France’s presidential candidates, leader of the En Marche! (On the Move) movement Emmanuel Macron and National Front leader Marine Le Pen, have returned to Paris after casting their votes at polling stations outside the city.

Macron cast his ballot at a local polling station in the resort city of Le Touquet in northwestern France together with his wife Brigitte. During the first round, he and his wife likewise voted in Le Touquet. This is due to the fact that the couple has a large three-story mansion in the city, which Brigitte Macron inherited from her parents - the wealthy owners of a chocolate company.

Notably, another presidential candidate, Francois Fillon of The Republicans, was the leader in Le Touquet in the first round of voting.

Upon arrival in Paris, Macron headed to his campaign headquarters. According to the BFMTV channel, Macron is to work on several versions of his address to the French public during the day. Macron will have the chance to address his fellow countrymen twice, first at his headquarters immediately after the early ballot returns are announced and later, during a large rally in central Paris.

Marine Le Pen cast her ballot in the small northwestern town of Henin-Beaumont.

Unlike in the first round, this time around Le Pen drove up to a local polling station in an automobile for security reasons instead of walking there. The National Front leader looked a bit tired. After the vote, she returned to her car passing through a crowd of her supporters surrounded by bodyguards.

While in Paris, Marine Le Pen met with her supporters. After the polling is over, she plans to make a statement and spend the rest of the day with her supporters behind closed doors.