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Erdogan’s spokesman: Turkey appreciates Russia’s clear attitude to coup attempt

"Mr. Putin’s phone call to our president was a very important message," Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said

ANKARA, August 4. /TASS/. Turkey has responded with appreciation to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s support expressed after the government coup attempt, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin told TASS in an exclusive interview.

"Mr. Putin’s phone call to our president was a very important message. He voiced support for the Turkish democracy and responded to the coup attempt. We are grateful to Russia’s open and clear stance on this issue," Kalin said, adding that after the failed coup "Turkish democracy has grown stronger."

"With the neutralization of the government coup attempt the Turkish political leadership has gained more strength and legitimacy. Relations with Russia will be normalized and strengthened in this context," he said.

Kalin mentioned "certain forces" outside Turkey that were on the plotters’ side.

"The July 15 coup attempt received support from certain forces, worried by Turkey’s wish to pursue a foreign policy that matches its own interests and its status of a regional power. The courage, solidarity and unity of our people let us prevent the damage FETO terrorists (FETO stands for the Fethullah Terrorist Organization) had tried to cause to our democracy and stability," Kalyn said. "Those plotters against Turkey have got what they deserve."

A group of Turkish military staged an overnight coup attempt on July 15-16. The main clashes occurred in Ankara and Instanbul. A total of 246 people apart from the plotters were killed and more than 2,000 others were injured. Ankara says Fetullah Gulen, an Islamist opposition figure permanently resident in the United States since 1999, and FETO backers were behind it. FETO is an acronym widely used in Turkey in relation to different groups associated with Gulen. Turkey demands his arrest and extradition from the United States.