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Live: Military coup attempt in Turkey

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has announced there has been an attempt by the military to stage a coup in the country

10:06 A total of 90 people were killed during the military coup attempt in Turkey, Anadolu reported. The number of the injured is 1,154

9:27 29 colonels and five generals have been removed from their posts in the wake of the coup attempt in Turkey, Reuters reported referring to a high-ranking official

9:14 Turkey’s Chief of Staff Hulusi Akar, who had been seized by the insurgents attempting a coup in Turkey, is rescued now, the Haberturk television channel reported

7:48 The Turkish Air Force have shot down a rebel-controlled helicopter, which was firing on the Turksat satellite communications control center in a suburb of Ankara, the Anadolu agency reported.

7:46 The Turkish authorities have closed the Bosporus Strait for the passage of oil tankers, reports Reuters referring to the GAC operator’s statement.

5:53 Turkish security forces have carried out arrests among the military coup participants. The Al Jazeera TV station reported on Saturday that Prime Minister Benali Yildirim announced that more than 120 people have been arrested in Istanbul

5:09 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has promised that the ranks of the country’s armed forces will be cleaned up after the attempted military coup. The Al-Mayadeen TV station reported.

4:58 The Turkish television channel CNN Turk has resumed broadcasting after reports that soldiers penetrated into the building of the media holding Dogan Media Center and took hostages, the TV channel twitted on Saturday.

4:40 As many as 69 Turkish military coup attempt participants have been detained in the country’s Sakarya province.

4:33  At least 12 people were injured and are currently in serious condition as a result two bombs dropped on the Turkish parliament in Ankara.

4:13 Erdogan told reporters at Istanbul airport Turkish coup plotters to suffer most severe punishment.

4:08 Protesting soldiers are storming the building of the Turksat satellite broadcasting operator that broadcasts TV channels.

4:07 A powerful explosion went off in the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Reuters said. Earlier, CNN TV channel reported that the plane of the Turkish President Erdogan was in the airport in Istanbul.

4:06 The military coup attempt in Turkey was made under the leadership of the military prosecutor and 46 high-ranking officers, the CNN Turk television channel reported on Saturday.

3:11. Another blast has been reported in Turkey's parliament building in Ankara, says the NTV channel.

3:11 104 participants of the military coup have been identified in Istanbul, some have been arrested, say the media.

3:09  At least two peaceful civilians were killed overnight to Saturday in Istanbul as a result of gunfire.

Fire at civilians was opened by supporters of the group of military, who had tried to seize power in the country in a state coup.

3:09 Turkey has imposed a no-fly zone over Turkish airspace.

"The airspace is closed. Any aircraft will be shot down from the ground," Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told NTV channel.

3:05 Vasip Sahin, the governor of Istanbul Province, has told NTV channel that the couop attempt had been repelled in the city of Istanbul. He also said tanks might be drawn into the city if need be.

3:05 Chief of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces Hulusi Akar, who was reportedly taken hostage, continues to perform his duties, says spokesman for the Turkish National Intelligence Organization Nuh Yilmaz.

3:04 Turkey's national TV channel TRT has resumed broadcast.

According to the Anadolu agency, the main TRT administration building in Ankara is under control of the staff, the military personnel that captured it was arrested.

2:49 A bomb has been dropped on the Turkish Parliament building in Ankara, the Anadolu agency reported on Saturday.

2:49 Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on NTV channel early morning on Tuesday that masterminds of the state coup in Turkey would face the toughest possible punishment.

He dismissed the coup attempt as ‘foolish and mad’ and said its instigators would not achieve their objectives.

"I’ll also go out into the street (in solidarity with the people)," he said. "We’ll get onto tanks ourselves if need be."

The military have declared a curfew on the entire territory of the country.

2:45 The National Intelligence Organization has reported that the coup attempt had been curbed.

2:39 Media report that tens of thousands people took to streets in Ankara while the military are leaving positions.

The footage of the developments shows that the military hardware is leaving the positions in the city streets. According to the TV channel, the opponents of the coup have organized massive protests also in Istanbul and Izmir.

2:13 At least 17 special forces policemen were killed overnight to Saturday in Ankara, according to Turkey's NTV channel.

2:01 An F-16 fighter jet has reportedly shot down a helicopter over Ankara, casualties reported.

1:58 Reuters has reported another powerful blast in Ankara.

1:52 Minister of National Defense of Turkey Fikri Isik said in an interview with NTV  the attempted coup in Turkey would be suppressed as soon as possible.

"The attempted coup will be suppressed as soon as possible, I urge the military not to carry out illegal orders," he said.

The minister noted that, according to the available data, Turkey's chief of military staff is being held hostage in the Defense department building. "This is the information that we have" he said.

1:44 The Military have opened fire on civilians on a bridge over Bosphorus in Istanbul, three people have been wounded, reports CNN Turk.

1:41 Defense aircraft opened gunfire from the air at the building of the Security Department in Ankara on two occasions overnight to Saturday, Anadolu news agency has reported.

Earlier reports spoke about gunfire targeting the Presidential Palace and the building of the State Broadcasting Company.

Preliminary information indicates several people have been wounded.

1:34 Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan has asked the German authorities to grant him permission to enter their country, Cypriot channel Sigmalive said.

Amid a highly contradictory and mixed scene of the events, Turkish and international news media quoted the military as saying they had seized state power in the country and had dislodged the incumbent government. A statement they issued said supremacy of law would remain their priority.

They also said all the international obligations of their country remain in effect.

1:21 Turkey's former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has called on the nation to close ranks around the government and the Armed Forcrs to rise to the defense of the people.

"Today is the night of defense of our dignity," he said on NTV channel. "I'm calling on our people to close ranks around the government without hesitation."

"I'm urging you to fulfill the will of the people and to defend it," he said addressing the Armed Forces commanders.

1:21 According to Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, the coup attempt in Turkey was made on Saturday by members of the Hizmet movement founded by Fethullah Gulen, who is accused of anti-government activities.

"The coup attempt was staged not by the Turkish Armed Forces, but by a group of separate persons within the army. It was staged under the leadership of Gulen," the minister said.

Turkish media reported earlier that the military attempted to seize power in the country. The Istanbul International Ataturk Airport is currently closed. The state television and radio company has suspended its work. The military has declared martial law and a curfew across the country.

Istanbul’s judicial authorities issued in December 2014 an arrest warrant for Gulen in absentia on reasonable suspicion of the "establishment organizing and leadership of a terrorist organization." It is a "parallel organization", which Ankara is actively fighting.

It is a certain group of people who, being loyal to the government on the face of it, pursue the goal of undermining the positions of the current leadership of the republic and the ruling Party of Justice and Development. It is believed that members of that "shadow government" are participants in the Hizmet movement created by Gulen. Gulen himself has for many years been living in the United States in Pennsylvania in the so-called self-imposed exile.