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Ukraine to unlock Russian freight transit on 'reciprocity conditions' — PM

Acording to the country's prim minister, relevant measures are being taken

KIEV, February 24. /TASS/. Ukraine’s cabinet of ministers approved the proposal of the ministry of infrastructure to unlock Russia’s motor freight transit in its territory on Wednesday.

"We are ready to put back temporary permits from midnight of February 25 and return transit actually blocked for the last ten days to Ukraine’s territory," minister of infrastructure Andrei Pivovarsky said.

"We are taking relevant measures on reciprocity conditions," Ukraine’s prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said in his turn.

A group of radicals announced an ongoing action blocking the transit of Russian heavy haulers to and from the European Union in Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine on February 11. Nine more regions of Ukraine joined the action later on. Russia suspended traffic of Ukraine’s heavy trucks in its territory on February 14 and the government of Ukraine formally announced temporary suspension of the Russian freight motor traffic on February 15.

Kiev and Moscow agreed on the "driving home" regime making possible for drivers to complete the route and return to the country of registration on February 16. The regime will end on February 25.

However, radical participants in the blockade of Russian heavy haulers announced their intention to continue the action irrespective of Ukrainian government’s decision on this matter.