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Extremists from al-Shaabab attack second coastal town in Kenya over last two days

At least 8 people have been killed in the attack carried out by Somalian extremists on Monday evening

PRETORIA, June 17. /ITAR-TASS/. Somalian extremists from the al-Shabaab organization have attacked the second Kenyan coastal town over the last two days. At least 8 people were killed in the attack.

A spokesman for the Kenyan Red Cross said that the settlement of Paramoco was attacked by the al-Qaeda-linked group on Monday evening right after the town of Mpeketoni had been assaulted on Sunday.

Al-Shabaab’s spokesman Sheikh Abdulaziz Abu Musab said, “We raided villages around Mpeketoni again last night.” He claimed that at least 20 people, including policemen, were killed in the attack.

On Sunday, terrorists opened fire on civilians in Mpeketoni , killing 50 people.