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Klitschko's party wins 77 out of 120 seats in Kiev Town Hall

KIEV, June 04 /ITAR-TASS/. The UDAR party headed by Vitali Klitschko has won 77 out of 120 seats in the Kiev Town Hall in the election held on May 25, the "Kreschatik" municipal newspaper said on Wednesday. A total of 47 Udar representatives have been elected to the Kiev Town Hall from single-member constituencies alongside 30 UDAR party members who won in a multi-member constituency.

The UDAR party has beat the Radical Party led by Oleh Lyashko (7 seats), the Samopomoc Association and the Freedom party which won 5 seats each; the Civic Position, Batkivschyna and Novaya Zhizn parties with 3 seats each and the Democratic Alliance and Unity parties that gained 2 seats each.

Only one out of 120 seats in the Kiev Town Hall remains vacant yet, because the 37th Kiev constituency has not reported the result yet.