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US imposes sanctions on 20 Russian officials

Obama said he has signed on Thursday a new executive order allowing the US administration to apply sanctions against key sectors of Russian economy

WASHINGTON, March 20. /ITAR-TASS/. The US added to the black list another 20 Russian officials. It was announced today by the representative of the US administration after the statement of President Barack Obama to impose additional sanctions against Russia. Head of the US administration also told that he had signed a decree that gives the opportunity to take punitive measures against key sectors of the Russian economy.


The black list includes:

  • Viktor Ozerov, Chairman of the Federation Council;
  • Vladimir Dzhabarov, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council;
  • Yevgeny Bushmin, Vice Speaker of the Federation Council;
  • Nikolai Ryzhkov, Federation Council member;
  • Sergei Zheleznyak, Deputy Speaker of the State Duma;
  • Sergei Mironov, State Duma deputy;
  • Alexander Totoonov; Federation Council member;
  • Oleg Panteleev, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma;
  • Sergei Naryshkin, State Duma Speaker;
  • Viktor Ivanov, Head of the Federal Drug Control Service;
  • Igor Sergun, Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate;
  • Sergei Ivanov, Head of the Russian Presidential Administration;
  • Alexei Gromov, First Deputy Head of the Russian Presidential Administration;
  • Andrei Fursenko, presidential aide;
  • Vladimir Yakunin, Russian Railways CEO;
  • Vladimir Kozhin, Head of Presidential Administrative Department;
  • Gennady Timchenko, businessman;
  • Arkady Rotenberg, businessman;
  • Boris Rotenberg, businessman;
  • Yury Kovalchuk, businessman;
  • 'Russia' bank.


{article_photo:723994:'USA publishes sanctions list with several Russian and Ukrainian officials':'right':'50'}Obama expands blacklist

US President Barack Obama stated on Thursday that the USA imposed further sanctions against Russia in addition to that already introduced earlier this week with regard to Moscow’s policy towards Ukraine.

The American leader specified that the new measures are imposed against Russian high-ranking officials and other people who did not belong to authorities in Moscow, but who, as Washington believes, support actions of the Russian government against Ukraine. Obama added that one Russian bank was also included in the list.

Obama said he has signed on Thursday a new executive order allowing the US administration to apply sanctions against key sectors of Russian economy. However, the president acknowledged that applying such measures might have negative impact on the whole global economy.


{article_photo:724642:'Russia responds reciprocally to US sanctions blacklisting several American officials':'left':'50'}Reciprocal measures from Russia

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has imposed reciprocal sanctions against a number of American officials and lawmakers.

“We have repeatedly warned that applying sanctions is a double-edged issue and would hit as a boomerang the USA itself. It is unacceptable and counterproductive to speak with our country in this way, as Washington could find out many times,” the Foreign Ministry noted. “However, the American side, as it seems, continues pinning faith on efficiency of such methods taken from the arsenal of the past, and does not want to admit the obvious: Crimeans have democratically and in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter voted for the reunification with Russia, which respects and accepts this choice. Such a decision can be pleasant or not, but this refers to reality that should be faced.”

“There cannot be any doubts: on every hostile step we will respond in an adequate way,” the ministry stressed.