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Kiev’s demands to Berlin become increasingly frantic, German lawmaker says

According to Steffen Kotre, earlier, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany drew completely incomparable historical parallels

BERLIN, February 4. /TASS/. Kiev’s demands to Germany, including persistent calls to abandon Nord Stream 2 and deliver weapons, are becoming increasingly frantic, says Steffen Kotre, Bundestag lawmaker from the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, member of the parliamentary Committee on Energy and Climate.

"The content and tone of Ukraine’s demands are, regrettably, becoming more and more frantic. Just recently, the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany drew completely incomparable historical parallels," Kotre noted. "We must return to calm and business-like dialogue. Ukraine can no longer be unilaterally supported if it fails to implement its part of the Minsk Agreements," the lawmaker said, encouraging the fact that mutual interests must be considered.

"Shipping weapons to Ukraine would become a fatal political signal. It would only escalate the situation even more," Kotre noted. "Furthermore, even with our weapons, Ukraine would not be able to defend itself from a hypothetical Russian invasion."

The lawmaker specified that "Russia does not want anything other than preventing NATO’s expansion towards its borders."

"This is understandable from a geopolitical point of view, and it is easy to accept. This sort of NATO expansion, obviously, is totally unacceptable for the Russians," he pointed out.

German authorities oppose providing lethal weapons to Ukraine, which was repeatedly stated by Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. At the same time, Berlin is under serious pressure from EU partners, especially Poland, the Baltic States, and the US, who demand "clear signals" towards Moscow. Some Ukrainian representatives outrightly accused Germany of "betraying its friends.".