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Belarusian president reveals he overcame coronavirus ‘on his feet’

Alexander Lukashenko said he was asymptomatic

MINSK, July 28. /TASS/. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has confirmed that he overcame coronavirus ‘on his feet’ and was asymptomatic, he said Tuesday when visiting a military base of the Interior Ministry’s internal troops in Minsk.

"As I said, 97% of the population are asymptomatic after contracting the virus. Thank God, I managed to be among the ranks of those asymptomatic," BelTA news agency quoted him as saying. "I finally managed to get into this golden fund of Belarus, by overcoming this virus."

According to Lukashenko, the leadership and military personnel of the national security system "are meeting a person who managed to overcome coronavirus on his feet." "That’s what doctors said yesterday. [I was] asymptomatic," the leader noted.

Belarus has identified more than 67,000 coronavirus cases. National authorities refused to impose lockdown measures to counter the spread of the virus, opting to hold mass events and greenlighting the presidential election campaign. The vote is scheduled to take place on August 9.

Lukashenko recommended Belarusians to keep calm and shared a few words of advice with the population on how to defeat the virus. For instance, he underlined that eating fatty food like butter can help as well as strolls outside and doing exercise. Moreover, the leader recommended Belarusians to hop in a tractor to plough fields, go to saunas or down 100 ml of vodka but only after work. In early July, Lukashenko claimed that Belarus had defeated the coronavirus infection by showing "political robustness and conventional wisdom."