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Ukraine’s Constitutional Court recognizes president's decree on Rada dissolution as lawful

Zelensky announced Rada dissolution in his inauguration speech on May 20

KIEV, June 20. /TASS/. Ukraine’s Constitutional Court on Thursday ruled that President Vladimir Zelensky’s decree to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada, or the national parliament, and appoint early parliamentary polls complied with the country’s constitution.

Zelensky announced Rada dissolution in his inauguration speech on May 20. The reason for that, in his words, was the absence of a ruling majority in parliament for more than 30 days. The relevant decree was signed on the following day, with the snap parliamentary elections being appointed on July 21. Lawmakers however challenged this decree with the Ukrainian Constitutional Court, arguing that the coalitions has ceased to exist only on May 17, 2019 when the Popular Front faction had announced its withdrawal from the coalition three days ahead of Zelensky’s inauguration.

The court states the existence of "a constitutional conflict between the Ukrainian president and the Verkhovna Rada around early termination of lawmakers’ mandates." The court also stated that this conflict has no legal resolution.

According to the court, this conflict can be resolved only by people through early parliamentary elections, which complies with the country’s constitution.

The Constitutional Court’s ruling is binding and not subject to appeal.