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Ousted Austrian chancellor must fight on to win post back, says German political guru

Research Director of the German-Russian Forum Alexander Rahr believes that the parliament’s decision did not come as a surprise

MOSCOW, May 28. /TASS/. Sebastian Kurz, whose government has been ousted from power in a no-confidence vote, must fight for his party’s leadership in order to win the next parliamentary election, Research Director of the German-Russian Forum, Alexander Rahr, told TASS on Tuesday.

"A new election campaign starts in Austria," said the German political scientist, adding that within the coming three months before the election, the so-called ‘government of experts’ will run the country. "Kurz must fight. The main task for today is that the Austrian People’s Party must once again nominate him as the candidate for the post of chancellor, though this may not happen. Europe has party democracy, and if the party wins the election, he will have a chance to get back into power," the expert added.

"In my opinion, Kurz made a strategic mistake when he removed his partner - the right-wing populist Freedom Party of Austria - from the government. Thus, he was practically left without a government, and without a majority in the parliament. He thought that the Social Democrats, the chief opposition, wouldn’t come out against him, but their leadership agreed with the right-wing populists and they ousted Kurz," Rahr elaborated.

According to him, the parliament’s decision did not come as a surprise. "Intrigue around Kurz had been taking shape for a long time, ever since the Freedom Party of Austria got peeved at him over their removal from the government so they voted against him. The Social Democrats couldn’t forgive him for creating a coalition government in due time together with the right, but not with them. So now, they have taken revenge," the analyst pointed out.

Meanwhile, the resignation of Sebastian Kurz’s government won’t negatively impact Austria. "There is no economic crisis in the country. If that were the case, people would take to the streets, but given the present situation, they are sitting at home in front of the TV following the developments. Nothing bad will happen in Austria," Rahr reassured.

Besides, he believes that the Austrian president may act as a factor of stability against the background of a government crisis. "President Alexander Van der Bellen plays a big role in Austria - he is an energetic and capable president, and now he will try act as a stabilizing factor in this situation," the expert concluded.