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West begins to regard Zelensky as Ukraine’s likely president, says analyst

For the time being the western partners had many questions about Zelensky, former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s information policies department Oleg Voloshin said

KIEV, April 2. /TASS/. European partners have no clarity regarding the program and team of the Ukrainian presidential election’s frontrunner after the first round, Vladimir Zelensky, but will be prepared to cooperate with him in case of his victory, foreign affairs analyst, former director of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s information policies department, Oleg Voloshin, told TASS.

"The Western partners will have no option other than cooperation with Zelensky, should he be elected president. Already now nobody will say that he is being ignored by the European countries and the United States. On the contrary, he is being eyed with interest and respect as a potential president. They have realized that apparently he will take over," he said.

Voloshin recalled that Western politicians had begun to meet with Zelensky nearly a month ago, when they saw his high pre-election rankings. At the end of February Zelensky met with the special representative of the US Department of State for Ukraine Kurt Volker and US ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

At the same time Voloshin acknowledged that for the time being the western partners had many questions about Zelensky. "His platform and future team remain anyone’s guess," he added. "Also, it remains unclear whether he will outperform his rival in the second round. I don’t think it will be a sensation, if the West decides to recognize him. After all, Poroshenko is not liked very much, too, but they keep in touch with him anyway."

Earlier on Tuesday the faction of the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union in the German parliament asked Zelensky to explain his political platform and present the team he plans to work with.