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Survey shows Timoshenko as frontrunner in Ukraine's presidential election

About 78% of Ukrainians are ready to go to the polling stations on March 31, according to a poll

KIEV, January 29. /TASS/.Yulia Timoshenko, leader of Ukraine’s Batkivshchyna Party, is currently holding the lead in the polls with more than 20% of voters saying they would cast their ballots for her, as reported by a recent survey, cited by the Director of the Institute for Analysis and Forecasting, Yuri Lesnichy.

"According to the latest survey, 20.2% of those constituents who have made up their minds and intend to vote in the election, would be ready to support Timoshenko if the elections were held next Sunday," he said. However, support for her among all voters stands at 14.1%, Lesnichy told a news conference.

Entertainer Vladimir Zelensky comes in second with 12.6% of the voters ready to back him. The head of the Opposition Platform - For Life, Yuriy Boyko and incumbent President Pyotr Poroshenko are ranked third and fourth respectively with 11.9%. The leader of the Civic Position Party, Anatoly Grysenko, took last place on the list of the five contenders for the country’s highest post with 10.7% supporting him.

About 78% of the Ukrainian public said that they were ready to go to the polling stations on March 31, Lesnichy noted. "Forty-five percent will take part in the voting for certain, and 33% are likely to vote," he added.

Ukraine’s presidential elections are scheduled for March 31. If none of the candidates secures support of more than half of the voters casting their ballot, a runoff election will be held on April 21.

The survey took place from January 17 to 25. The error margin is no more than 2.2%