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Putin condemns attempts to change political situation in Venezuela through terror

The Russian leader praised the other side's efforts to settle relations with the opposition

NOVO-OGARYOVO, December 5. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned the attempts of changing the political situation in Venezuela through terror.

"We back your efforts aimed at achieving common ground in the society and your efforts designed to settle relations with the opposition," the Russian leader said opening a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

"Certainly, we condemn any terrorism-related steps and any attempts to change the situation using force," the president said.

The Russian leader noted that he was glad to have a chance to "synchronise watches on the situation in the region and certainly speak about fostering bilateral relations."

In previous years, Russian-Venezuelan relations underwent difficult times when the trade turnover significantly dropped, Putin said. He noted that this negative trend has been overcome and a certain growth has been seen this year.

Maduro confirmed that for many years Venezuela has faced various attacks and threats. "But during this process we learnt, there has been always such attitude to our region in the past century," he said. "It seems to me that we have found a point that enables us to survive."

The Venezuelan leader told Putin that he has managed to launch a comprehensive economic program, which conforms to the level of Russian-Venezuelan relations. "I’m sure that this meeting will yield good news for cooperation between our countries and their economies," he said.