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Lavrov points to US attempts to impede Russia’s social, economic development

The minister said the US has been working "particularly hard" on that goal

MOSCOW, November 16. /TASS/. Washington has been exerting unprecedented pressure on Moscow in an effort to drive big Russian companies from the market and impede the country’s social and economic development, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, addressing a meeting of the Foreign Ministry’s Business Council on Friday.

"Clearly, competition on the global market is getting tougher and Russia will continue to face unprecedented pressure," he said. "The objective is to drive big Russian companies from the market and eventually impede the country’s social and economic development," Lavrov added.

"The United States has been working particularly hard to reach that goal. Ultimatums have become a trademark feature of Washington’s policies, they are presented not only to Russia but to US allies as well," the Russian top diplomat pointed out.

According to him, under the current circumstances, Moscow will continue to boost cooperation with its partners and like-minded countries. "We will make the most of opportunities stemming from our participation in various integration processes," Lavrov stressed. "As for dialogue with the western countries, we will maintain a consistent policy aimed at depoliticizing trade and investment ties. This concerns our relations with Europe and the United States," he concluded.