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Legendary French actor Depardieu casts his vote in Russian presidential election

In January 2013, Depardieu was granted Russian citizenship

PARIS, March 18. /TASS/. French movie star Gerard Depardieu, who was granted Russian citizenship, cast his vote in the Russian presidential election at a ballot station in the Russian Embassy in Paris.

Commenting on his feelings when fulfilling his civic duty, Depardieu said: "With patriotism and love for Russia."

Depardieu, 69, is a veteran of the French film industry. He has starred in about 200 films since the start of his cinematic career, including a Russian-French film about Grigori Rasputin. Depardieu has also played a number of parts that brought him the Golden Globe award’ and prizes at the Geneva and Moscow film festivals.

In January 2013, the film star received Russian citizenship. President Vladimir Putin explained his decision to grant Russian citizenship to Depardieu by saying the actor had done a great deal for Russian culture.