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Putin says he cares little about his style but tries to look elegant

The Russian president has added that he typically puts on "what is hanging in the wardrobe"

BAKALSKAYA KOSA /Crimea/, August 20. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has confessed of caring little about his style of clothing, saying only he tries to look elegant.

"My style is very simple - it is business style," he said on Sunday at a meeting with participants in the Tavrida educational youth forum when asked how his style of clothing changes "in the process of personal development."

"I rarely happen to be anywhere else but in my office. Well, I may come here, to Tavrida. I think all people doing a job like mine dress alike. In private life, I try to dress conveniently, but, naturally, I would like to look elegant," he noted, adding he typically puts on "what is hanging in the wardrobe."

"Of course, I try to look appropriately. As a matter of fact, I care little about that but I admit that it is very important. And as for women’s clothes, obviously, it is an art," Putin said.

He said that some time ago he did not take such things seriously. "And now I think that the dressing is a kind of art, a very important one for a human being as it creates an environment we live in," he added.