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Russia to screen four movies at BRICS film festival in India

NEW DELHI, August 22 /TASS/. Russia will present four feature motion pictures at the first BRICS International Film Festival scheduled to be held in New Delhi on September 2-6, the Cultural Advisor at the Russian Embassy in India Nana Mgeladze informed TASS today.

The cultural advisor listed Russia’s four movies that are scheduled to be screened at the film competition. They include "14+" directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, "Pro lubov" (translated as "About Love") by Anna Melikyan, "Bitva za Sevastopol" (or "The Battle of Sevastopol") by Sergey Mokritskiy, and the 2015 Russian hit "Samyi luchshiy den" (translated as "The Best Day Ever") by Zhora Kryzhovnokov. Though not part of the competition, Mgeladze noted that a documentary by Galina and Anna Yevtushenko, "Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi: A Double Portrait in the Interior of the Epoch" will be also shown at the event.

The National Academy of Cinematographic Arts of Russia and the Department of Cinematography of the Russian Ministry of Culture are among the festival’s organizers.

Among other things, the cultural envoy noted that well-known film expert Kirill Razlogov will be sitting on the festival’s jury and representing Russia. Mgeladze also pointed out that the event will coincide with a national holiday, Russia Day, which will be celebrated on September 3.

In addition, a non-competitive program is also on the event’s agenda according to the Russian organizers, as stated in their press release to TASS. Among the non-competitive feature flicks, "Zabytoye" (translated as "Forgotten stuff") directed by Alexander Korolyov, "Krugovoye dvizheniye" (or "Circular Motion") by Maxim Dashkin, "Trusha" by Eduard Zholin, "Pro mamu" (or "About Mom") by Dina Velikovskaya and "Vozvrashcheniye Erkina" (known as "Erkin’s Return") by Maria Guskova will be screened.

The Director of the Department of Cinematography of Russia’s Ministry of Culture Vyazheslav Telnov enthusiastically applauded the organizers, representatives and participants saying, "We highly appreciate the privileged strategic partnership status of Russian-Indian relations. I welcome with much gratitude the film festival that is to be held in New Delhi within the framework of the Indian presidency of BRICS." "I am sure that continued growth in prolific multilateral cooperation in cinematography is in our common interest and is in line with the BRICS member states’ common policy", Telnov stated.