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All four planes with Russian troops return from Serbia

All servicemen will undergo medical examination and their temperature will be measured

MOSCOW, May 17. /TASS/. The last out of four Il-76 planes with Russian military specialists, who fulfilled a mission to combat the coronavirus, has landed at Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Sunday.

"The fourth Il-76 plane of Russia’s Aerospace Defense Forces has landed at Chkalovky airfield (the Moscow Region) with servicemen and special military equipment of a joint detachment of the Russian Defense Ministry, which fulfilled the tasks of providing assistance in beating the coronavirus infection in the Republic of Serbia," the ministry said.

All servicemen will undergo medical examination and their temperature will be measured.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry said that a total of four planes would arrive from Belgrade on Sunday and bring back to Russia some 20 troops and five pieces of special equipment.

Serbia earlier requested Russia’s assistance in the fight against the epidemic. On April 3-4, the Russian Aerospace Forces’ planes transported to Serbia Russian military medics, including virologists, radiation, chemical and biological protection specialists, special medical equipment as well as protection gear and military vehicles.

The Russian servicemen have disinfected 178 facilities in 37 Serbian cities, including 367 buildings on the area of more than 1.6 mln square meters, 69 sections of motorways on nearly 488,000 square meters. The military doctors have examined and treated more than 800 patients.