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36 out of 65 care homes in Italy’s Bergamo disinfected by Russian military specialists

Russian specialists have decontaminated more than 270,000 square meters of indoor and adjacent territories and access roads, according to the head of the Russian taskforce in Italy

MOSCOW, April 7. /TASS/. Russian military specialists have disinfected 36 out of 65 hospitals and care homes in Italy’s Bergamo in an effort to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, deputy commander of Russian radiation, chemical and biological defense troops Sergei Kikot, who heads the Russian taskforce in Italy, said on Tuesday.

"The Russian taskforce in Italy has conducted a set of disinfection measures in 36 out of 65 healthcare establishments and care homes with the most difficult epidemiological situation in Lombardy’s Begramo province," he said.

According to Kikot, Russian specialists have decontaminated more than 270,000 square meters of indoor and adjacent territories and access roads.

"Russian teams of doctors and nurses are on round-the-clock duty at a field hospital in the city of Bergamo," he said.

On March 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte agreed during a phone call that Russia would send aid to Italy to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Between the evening of March 22 and the morning of March 25, Russia sent 15 jets, transporting around 100 Russian military virologists and Defense Ministry specialists in epidemiology, eight nursing brigades and equipment for diagnostics and disinfection. The Russian specialists are working in Bergamo, Lombardy, one of the most affected cities.