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Kremlin certain Roscosmos can compete with Elon Musk’s technologies

At the same time, the Kremlin spokesman recalled that Roscosmos was currently in the process of transformation

MOSCOW, March 31. /TASS/. The Kremlin keeps a close watch on research being conducted by companies belonging to multi-billionaire Elon Musk and is certain that Roscosmos will be able to offer a decent competition. One of Musk’s companies, SpaceX, is conducting research into breakthrough space technologies. 

On Thursday it successfully re-used a stage of the Falcon 9 rocket for launch. Before, it had managed to land this component of the rocket on a special platform.

"The Kremlin and the agencies concerned keep a close watch on technological breakthroughs. Our space industry specialists will keep the development of such technologies in mind," presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media.

At the same time he recalled that Russia’s corporation Roscosmos was currently in the process of transformation. Its chief Igor Komarov has repeatedly briefed the president on cutting edge products Russian specialists were working on.

"This is a rather tough competition. We have every reason to believe that we will be able to participate in it and show good performance," Peskov said.