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Putin says hopes for soonest settlement of conflict in eastern Ukraine

The Russian president says the Normandy format meeting can be held only when there are real chances to clinch the Minsk agreements

BENAULIM /Goa, India/, October 16. /TASS/. Further talks in the Normandy Four format on the settlement in Donbass can be held only when there are real chances to clinch the agreements, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday, commenting on a possible meeting of the Normandy Four leaders in Berlin.

"I hope it [the conflict in Donbass - TASS] will not last forever and I hope all these problems will be solved the soonest possible," he said.

He noted that the German and French leaders share the position that a Berlin meeting would be expedient only if their aides who had met on Saturday and Sunday in Minsk would promote dialogue to be able to clinch the agreements. If it is not reached, the meeting between the Normandy Four leaders would be too early, Putin said. 

Russia is ready to provide Ukraine with industrial support 

Ukraine is facing degradation and deindustrialization but Russia is ready to extend its industrial assistance - in case the Ukrainian side demonstrates its interest in that, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized:

"As for UKraine, we see what is going on there. Regrettably, se wee degradation, deindustrialization, as we have warned. We are ready to shift our demand to use the possibilities of the Ukrainian industry, including cooperation to retool the Ukrainian defense and civilian industries, any minute as soon as our Ukrainian partners what it," Putin told journalists after the BRICS summit. "But only in case, I would like to repeat it once again, when out partners create corresponding conditions."