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Contacts between Russian, US military on Syria to continue — Kremlin

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Russia will continue assisting the Syrian Armed Forces despite US moves

ASTANA, October 4./TASS/. Contacts between Russian and US military will continue to avoid serious incidents in Syria, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday.

"As far as we understand, mutual contacts of our military as to avoiding any dangerous actions continue and will continue, this is necessary to avoid serious incidents," Peskov said in comments on cooperation on Syria between Moscow and Washington.

Moscow regrets Washington’s withdrawal from the dialogue on the ceasefire in Syria but is not inclined to overdramatize the situation concerning the prospects of bilateral relations.

"So far, I would not exaggerate things so much. However, it is clear that we perceive the US withdrawal from the dialogue on the cessation of offensive operations in Syria with regret, " Peskov said. "We would like to hope for presence of common sense and the continuation of contacts in particularly sensitive areas necessary for maintaining peace and security."

In reply to the question whether the risk of military clashes in Syria increases after the US refused to coordinate moves, Peskov said "I wouldn’t like to speak about this risk".

On Monday, the chief of the US Department of State press service, John Kirby, said the US was suspending the use of bilateral channels with Russia that had been established to help serve the ceasefire in Syria.

Russia to keep assisting Syrian army

According to the spokesman, Russia will continue assisting the Syrian Armed Forces despite US moves.

"The US breaking off a dialog with us on Syria as to sustaining the ceasefire, substantially complicates the situation there. This withdrawal unfortunately confirms impossibility to de-facto draw a distinction between terrorists and the so-called moderate opposition," the spokesman said.

"This has of course substantially aggravated the situation," he said.

"But this does not mean that the Russian side intends to abandon its plans on fight against terrorism and assistance to the Syrian armed forces in their anti-terrorist activity," he added.