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Dozens of UAVs jammed by Russian radio warfare being found in Voronezh Region — governor

Alexander Gusev urged residents of the region take the drone attack alerts seriously

VORONEZH, April 12. /TASS/. Voronezh Region Governor Alexander Gusev has urged residents of the region not to ignore drone attack alerts, saying that as the snow melts, dozens of UAVs jammed by Russian radioelectronic warfare are being found in the region.

"Most of these objects flying across our territory are suppressed by radioelectronic warfare systems. They go down, and now, after the snow has thawed, we keep finding dozens of these objects, and almost every day local residents tell us that <...> they have found drones. <...> So I ask everyone to show understanding and, of course, take alerts seriously,"Gusev said during a live broadcast on social media.

The governor's statement came in reply to a question from a local resident about why it was necessary to give so many warnings about the threat of UAV attacks in the Voronezh Region. "We are definitely not being over-cautious in this matter, <...> we declare an air raid alert in the region only when colleagues from the Defense Ministry report that they are heading towards the Voronezh Region. Thank God that some of the warnings that we announce" do not materialize, the governor said.