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Putin garners 76,277,708 votes in Russian presidential election — CEC chief

The remaining 1.36.% of the ballots were found invalid

MOSCOW, March 21. /TASS/. According to the outcome of the presidential election, the incumbent Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, scored 87.28% of the vote, with 76,277,708 people voting for him, the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) chief, Ella Pamfilova, said at a CEC meeting.

"The final outcome of the voting is: 76 million 277 thousand and 708 people voted for Vladimir Putin. That is, the results remain the same — 87.28% as a percentage of the number of voters who took part in the election. [Communist candidate] Nikolay Kharitonov garnered 3 million 768 thousand and 470 votes, or 4.31%. [New People party candidate] Vladislav Davankov — 3 million 362 thousand and 484, 3.85%. And Leonid Slutsky (from the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia - TASS) — 2 million 797 thousand and 629, or 3.2%," Pamfilova said.

The remaining 1.36.% of the ballots were found invalid.