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Putin responds to Biden’s ‘SOB’ remark

The Russian leader emphasized that "it’s a completely appropriate reaction" on recent Putin's remark that Biden was more preferable US President for Russia

KAZAN, February 22. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that US President Joe Biden insulted him for saying that he was the preferable US presidential candidate for Moscow.

"You and I recently talked about this and you asked me who we would prefer as the next US president. I said that we would work with any president but I thought that Biden was more preferable for Russia. Judging by what he has just said, I’m absolutely right because it’s an appropriate reaction to my remark," the Russian leader said in response to a question from TV reporter Pavel Zarubin.

According to Putin, Biden could not have told him, "Good job, Volodya, thanks for helping me out." "We understand what is going on there in terms of the domestic policy and it’s a completely appropriate reaction, which means that I was right," the Russian president concluded.