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Territories of Russia’s new regions vacated by Russian army to be retaken — Kremlin

Dmitry Peskov avoided specifying the borders of the new regions that had accessed Russia

MOSCOW, October 5. /TASS/. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that the territories of Russia’s new regions, temporarily vacated by the Russian army, will be retaken.

"There is no contradiction here. They will be with Russia forever, they will be retaken," Peskov told the media on Wednesday, while answering a question whether there were any contradictions between the promises made to the population of the new territories they would be "with Russia forever" and the Defense Ministry’s confirmation the Russian army had pulled out of a number of communities on these territories.

The Kremlin spokesman said there had been no changes to the status of the special military operation to counter-terrorist.

"This is entirely the prerogative of the supreme commander-in-chief - the president of the country. So far, no such decisions have been made. Only the continuation of the special military operation is on the agenda," he said.

Peskov avoided specifying the borders of the new regions that had accessed Russia.

"Please, read the decree. There is a legal wording. In general, of course, it applies to the territory where the military-civilian administration was operating at the time of accession," Peskov said. Once again, he advised everybody to use the presidential decree as a reference point. "I repeat once again: certain territories will be retaken and we will continue consultations with the populations that will express the wish to live in Russia," Peskov stressed.