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Russian intel chief points to CIA’s history of sabotage acts against sovereign states

Sergey Naryshkin points out that the US continue to imagine themselves as the only hegemon

MOSCOW, September 14. /TASS/. The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) engages not only in surveillance, but also carries out sabotage operations against sovereign states, Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Director Sergey Naryshkin said in his article for "Natsionalnaya Oborona" ("National Defense") journal.

"Evaluating the efficiency of any intelligence agency is always relative. The US Central Intelligence Agency, which is entering its 76th year of existence, has been and remains a zealous executor of the will of its state’s ruling circles," he noted. "Despite the ongoing significant changes, they [the US] continue to imagine themselves as the only hegemon in a unilateral world. The [CIA] is an intelligence organization, judging by its name, but with a hefty emphasis on sabotage operations against sovereign states."

Naryshkin pointed out that 75 years ago, on September 18, 1947, the "National Security Act," signed by President Harry S. Truman, took effect, marking the CIA’s birthday.

"There will be no anniversary congratulations and wishes. Just as there can be no compromise in the assessment of [the CIA’s] role in history and its achievements before humanity," the SVR chief said.

Naryshkin underscored that the CIA’s history is "comprised of numerous provocations, surrounded by a halo of myths, mysteries and scandals, and no international conflict with open or clandestine US participation happens without mentioning this organization as the executor of Washington’s will."

"The CIA was established at the beginning of the Cold War era in order to carry out intelligence operations around the world, as an instrument of countering the USSR’s existence and ascending role in the world, the establishment of the Socialist bloc, and the rise of the national liberation movements in African, Asian and Southern American states," the top official noted.