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West to reap main ‘harvest’ from anti-Russian sanctions in autumn, Medvedev says

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council noted problems in the economy of Western countries

MOSCOW, June 14. /TASS/. The authors of anti-Russian sanctions are coming up with ways to circumvent them but the West will gather its "harvest" from the sanctions in the fall, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev asserted.

"We are eagerly expecting yet another package of European sanctions and great sanctions solutions by Grandfather Joe [US President Joe Biden] over which the authors of these very sanctions immediately begin to come up with schemes to circumvent them," he wrote on his Telegram channel on Tuesday.

According to the politician, "particularly gifted characters" in the West "realized that they cannot survive without our country." "Since otherwise they won’t get: food for their citizens, fertilizers to produce food for their citizens, energy sources for food production and heat for their citizens, metals and other products to produce machines and mechanisms for their citizens, fuel for European and American NPPs which produce 20-40% of electric power for their citizens," the official listed. He asserted that "the list can go on."

The politician noted problems in the economy of Western countries. "I won’t reiterate about inflation, prices for all types of fuel and forecasts on collapsing economy. All information can be openly accessed. And this is only the first summer month," the official stated. "We are waiting for autumn, when they will have to reap the main sanctions harvest," Medvedev explained.

"Meanwhile, the steam engine of their economy of services and digital currencies is heading towards a wall at full speed," the deputy chairman of the Security Council concluded.