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Source reveals area of forest fires in Ryazan Region

It is noted that there is no threat to the settlements

TASS, August 29. The area of forest fires in the Ryazan Region has increased by 500 hectares in a day, a source in the emergency services told TASS on Monday.

"The area covered by the fire increased by 500 hectares over the day. The total area exceeded 20,000 hectares, while the growth of the fire area has slowed down. Six hotbeds are still active, two of them have been localized", the source said.

There is no threat to the settlements. Measurements of atmospheric air showed excess of the MPC level of carbon monoxide in Ryazan’s Zheleznodorozhny district.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister and Chief of the Government Staff Dmitry Grigorenko announced complete localization of fires in the Ryazan Region. The Emergencies Ministry informed about localization of two out of six blazes.

The first forest fire in the Ryazan Region broke out on August 7, the second one started a day later. On August 17, the smell of burning and smog appeared in Moscow and some areas of the Central Federal District due to wildfires in the region. A state of emergency was introduced in three districts of the Ryazan Region.