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Man opens fire in Tyumen on Federal Guard

One member of the Russian Federal Guard is wounded

TASS, August 10. A member of the Russian Federal Guard is wounded, after a man opens fire during an identification check in Tyumen, Russian Federal National Guard Troops Service representative Valery Gribakin told TASS on Saturday.

"In Tyumen, a patrol stopped a suspicious citizen at one of the apartment buildings. As the officers approached, the man threw an unknown object in their direction and opened fire, wounding one of the patrolmen," Gribakin said.

He added that the wounded officer’s life is not in danger. "Another officer used his service weapon to apprehend the attacker who tried to flee. He was detained and disarmed. An ambulance and an investigative-operational team was called to the scene. The object that the suspect threw at the officers was a backpack. Gribakin also added that the suspect has been hospitalized with leg wounds.

The press service of the regional health department clarified for TASS that both patients with injuries of varying severity were taken to the regional clinical hospital No. 2. The officer of the Russian Guard received the necessary medical assistance, and was sent home for outpatient monitoring.