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Putin says nation’s economy gaining momentum, Russians to gradually reap its benefits

Everything must be done to keep this dynamic, the Russian president said

MOSCOW, September 11. /TASS/. The Russian economy has emerged from the crisis and is gaining momentum, citizens and businesses will gradually feel positive changes and everything must be done to keep this dynamic, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the government.

"All that you said, of course, indicates that the Russian economy has emerged from the crisis, is gaining momentum, and we need to do everything in order to keep this momentum," the president said. He noted that this dynamic "gives results gradually." "Both participants in economic activity and citizens will gradually feel the positive factors happening in the economy," Putin said.

"Taking into account the exchange rate difference, imports are also growing, which is already felt by manufacturers of domestic products, this is already noticeable on shelves in stores, evident by the way retail networks behave," Putin added.