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Naftogaz does not rule out resumption of gas import from Russia 'in case of cold winter'

The company's commercial director noted that Ukraine may not have anough gas for the severe winter

KIEV, October 20. /TASS/. Naftogaz of Ukraine does not rule out it may face natural gas shortage in this heating season in case of continuing subzero temperatures and will resort to resumed import of fuel from Russia to cover the deficit, commercial director of Naftogaz Yuri Vitrenko told TASS today.

"If there is a month of very cold weather, than gas theoretically may not be enough but we have specific options what do in such case," Vitrenko said. Throughput capacity for gas supplies between Ukraine and Slovakia was increased earlier, he said. Furthermore, the Ukrainian party has an effective gas supply contract with the Russian Gazprom, Vitrenko added.

"We have a contract with Gazprom in principal terms but specific risks exist we will pay and they will credit that as "Take or Pay" [clause in the contract - TASS] or as deliveries to Donbass [supplies of Russian gas to Donbass territories not controlled by Kiev - TASS]," Vitrenko said.

Kiev halted gas import from Russia in November 2015.