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US seeks to de-industrialize Europe in order to seize its market — Putin

As the Russian leader said, this is no longer servility, but a direct betrayal of their peoples

MOSCOW, September 30. /TASS/. The United States is pushing Europe towards abandoning Russian energy sources to achieve its de-industrialization and to seize its market, while the European elites are betraying their peoples, Russian President Vladimir Putin said speaking at the ceremony of accepting four new territories into Russia.

According to the head of state, the majority of European politicians meekly comply with Washington's demands for the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions, while they realize that the United States, pushing for "the EU's rejection of Russian energy carriers and other resources, is in fact leading Europe to its de-industrialization, to completely take over the European market".

"They all understand, these European elites, they understand everything, but they prefer other people's interests. This is no longer servility, but a direct betrayal of their peoples. But God only knows, that’s their business," the President added.

The President noted that today the American elite is trying to weaken their competitors.

"This also applies to Europe. This concerns the identity of France, Italy, Spain and other countries with centuries-old histories," he said.

"They call orders and rude insults to their vassals "Euro-Atlantic solidarity." [They call] the development of biological weapons, experiments on living people, including in Ukraine, "noble medical research," Putin also noted.