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Reckless Western sanctions may trigger global famine — Russian presidential aide

The restrictive measures worsened fertilizer logistics and food logistics, Maxim Oreshkin pointed out

MOSCOW, May 19. /TASS/. Reckless political decisions made by the United States and the European Union will be the main cause of this year’s global famine. Russia back in 2021 took measures to avoid a food crisis, Russian presidential aide Maxim Oreshkin said in a lecture at the educational marathon conference New Horizons organized by the Russian Znanie (Knowledge) society on Thursday.

"Reckless sanctions by the United States and the European Union was the last stage. They worsened fertilizer logistics and food logistics, thus dooming the world to famine. <...> The root cause of the global famine due this year should be seen in reckless economic policies by the United States and the European Union, their monetary and budget policies," Oreshkin said.

He warned that global famine would be a result of soaring prices of wheat and fertilizers.

"Approximately before the middle of 2020 the prices of wheat on the global market had remained rather stable. They suited both the consumers and producers. But when the dollar emission began to expand, starting from July 2020, a period of quick growth followed. Approximately 60% of the price hikes were caused by the printing of fiat dollars in the US economy. The situation eventually went out of control. The huge money supply brought about gas shortages on the European market, gas price hikes, a decline in the production of fertilizers and a shortage of fertilizers. For this reason, future crop yields will fall," Oreshkin said.

Russia in 2021 took certain steps to avoid a domestic food crisis.

"We are self-sufficient in grain and most foods. It was crucial to rule out the risk of a shortage of fertilizers on the domestic market. At the end of last year, restrictions on the export of fertilizers were introduced. This farming season the supply of fertilizers is stable, it is even better than last year. This enables us to build up reserves. We have introduced taxes on the export of wheat and sunflower seeds. All this enables us to feel calm," Oreshkin said.