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Russian defense firm unveils new air-launched rocket at Malaysia arms show

The DSA-2018 international exhibition runs in Kuala-Lumpur on April 16-19

MOSCOW, April 16. /TASS/. Russia’s Techmash engineering company has demonstrated promising air bombs, artillery ammunition and shells for multiple launch rocket systems, including the new S-80FP air-launched rocket, at the DSA-2018 arms exhibition in Malaysia, the Techmash press office reported on Monday.

"The S-80FP air-launched rocket is among the exhibits on display. It is designed to hit sole and multiple targets: unarmored and lightly-armored military hardware and surface ships. The rocket is unrivaled by the efficiency of its operation, operational reliability and safety. It has a firing range of up to six kilometers," the press office said.

Russia’s defense manufacturer has also demonstrated a specimen of the RMG rocket-powered multipurpose grenade with a single-shot grenade launcher. It is designed to effectively destroy the crews and combat units of an enemy’s lightly-armored hardware and firepower on the open terrain, in field fortifications, urban and rural structures.

"The air-launched weapons are represented by the ODAB-500 PMV fuel-air explosive bomb. The munition destroys industrial structures, vulnerable hardware and manpower. It can be dropped from frontline aviation aircraft and helicopters," the Techmash press office said.

In addition, the Techmash’s stand also demonstrates munitions for artillery systems.

The DSA-2018 international exhibition runs in Kuala-Lumpur on April 16-19. By its scope and the number of its participants, it is among the world’s top five forums of armaments and military hardware for land troops, air defense forces, the navy, Special Forces, and also products made as a result of conversion from military to civil output.