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Russian military helps Syrian refugees return to their homes in Aleppo province

Nearly 500,000 refugees have returned to their homes from various regions of Syria, according to the United Nations

ALEPPO /Syria/, October 25. /TASS/. Officers from the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides in Syria have arranged the return of another group of refuges to the Aleppo province, the Center’s spokesman Soslan Tseboyev told reporters.

"The Aleppo Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides, together with the Syrian authorities, have provided accommodation in the town of Maskanah to 70 refugees from Membij," he said. "We also ensured the safe passage of the refugees to their homes," he added.

The return of refugees is divided into several stages, which is aimed at resettling people from almost all of the large refugee camps in Syria. In particular, in September, the resettlement of 20,000 refugees residing in one of the largest temporary accommodation centers set up on a stadium in the city of Latakia was completed.

When a certain area is liberated from terrorists, Syrian de-miners, supported by Russian experts from the International demining center, clear the area from mines. After that, officers from the Russian Center for Reconciliation and Syrian authorities figure out the whereabouts of families that had to leave their homes, and coordinate the work aimed at rebuilding destroyed residential dwellings and vital infrastructure facilities. Then, the Center’s officers provide the refugees a safe passage to their homes. Russia military also delivers humanitarian aid to the resettled towns and villages and monitors the ceasefire.

According to the United Nations, nearly 500,000 refugees have returned to their homes from various regions of Syria. The country’s government and the Russian Center for Reconciliation have been monitoring the process. Russian military not only delivers food products and medicine to the areas liberated from terrorists but also assists in rebuilding infrastructure facilities. At the same time, Russia is the only country that has been assisting Syria in humanitarian demining and providing medical aid to residents of liberated areas.

The Russian Center for Reconciliation plans to expand its humanitarian activities in Syria in the near future. More than 4,000 tonnes of Russian-made construction materials, as well as construction equipment, have been delivered to the Syrian port of Tartus in order to be send to the areas which suffered the most damage from militants’ activities.