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What Army-2016 has in store for its visitors

The visitors of the forum for the first time will be able to see a based RS-12M Topol missile system, as well as the RS-18 Stiletto strategic missile


The international military-technical forum Army-2016 opened on Tuesday in Russia. Over 1,000 companies will display more than 11,000 samples of weapons and military equipment at the forum this year.


  • The Russian Helicopters company plans to showcase its newest Mil Mi-38 multirole helicopter, an Arctic version of the Mi-8AMTSH helicopter and a convertible aircraft.
  • Russia’s major missile system manufacturer Almaz-Antey is going to demonstrate elements of the Antey-2500 air defense missile weapon system, as well as Kalibr cruise missiles.  The latter were successfully used to hit IS terrorists’ targets in Syria.
  • Kalashnikov is expected to display its remote-controlled weapons platforms, drones and amphibious assault boats.
  • The United Instrument-Making Corporation, part of Russia’s hi-tech conglomerate Rostec, will roll out its latest innovation - a system that can control a dozen robots simultaneously.
  • The Uralvagonzavod armor manufacturer is expected to demonstrate over 50 hardware units, including the T-90MS, T-72B3 tanks, as well as the BMPT-72 tank support vehicle (Terminator 2).
  • The military-industrial company VPK LLC will display the Tigr (Tiger) armored vehicle with a combat module and a 30-mm automatic gun, a production model of the Medved (Bear) special police armored vehicle, and the upgraded BTR-82A with heat vision sight.
  • The visitors of the forum for the first time will be able to see a based RS-12M Topol missile system (NATO reporting name: SS-25 Sickle).
  • Another strategic missile to be on display is the RS-18 (NATO reporting name: SS-19 Stiletto). The missiles are currently being decommissioned and replaced in the Russian Armed Forces by the new RS-24 Yars missiles.
  • Of particular interest is the Iskander-M tactical missile system. No other country in the world has such systems in service. Iskander-M tactical ballistic missile systems are capable of hitting both small-size and large-area targets at a distance of up to 500 km to destroy missile and multiple launch rocket systems, long-range artillery guns, aircraft and helicopters at aerodromes, command posts and communications centers. The missile complex includes a launcher, a loader-transporter, a routine maintenance vehicle, a command post vehicle, an information post, an ammunition equipment set and training aids. As was reported earlier, the Iskander-M tactical missile system is equipped with five types of aeroballistic missiles and one cruise missile.
  • The forum will also feature the famous Russian Armata-based armored hardware - the T-14 main battle tank, the Kurganets-25 heavy assault armored vehicle, as well as the Bumerang wheeled armored personnel carrier. The military vehicles have already twice been shown at the Victory Day parade in Moscow, but they are still being tested before launching their batch production.
  • The guests of the forum will also enjoy performance flights of Russia's aerobatic teams.
' Iskander missile firing in April 2016'