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Russia achieves good results in countering military cooperation sanctions, says official

It is pointed out that Russia uses methods in military-technical cooperation that enable it to counter Western restrictions

MOSCOW, May 22. /TASS/. Russia has achieved good results in countering Western sanctions, Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugayev said on Monday.

Russia uses methods in military-technical cooperation that enable it to counter Western restrictions, he pointed out.

"In this direction, we have achieved good results: alternative schemes of settlements are being introduced, the system of insuring international freight carriages is being improved and measures are underway to protect the interests of our partners," the defense official said.

"The world is transforming and a new world system is emerging. For the purposes of strengthening Russia’s international prestige, bolstering its political positions and national security, we, as the participants in the system of Russia’s military-technical cooperation with foreign states, are also transforming," he stressed.

The Unites States resorts to blackmail and sanctions pressure in order to preserve its world hegemony, the defense agency head said.

"Along with other issues, Russia’s alleged ‘readiness to use tactical nuclear weapons’ in the special military operation in Ukraine is being speculated as anti-Russian propagandistic escapades," Shugayev said.

The US plan to isolate Moscow has failed because most countries do not support the sanctions pressure policy of the United States and its allies against Russia, the defense official stressed.

"Washington’s desire to preserve the American world hegemony prompts it ever more frequently to use illegal methods of power pressure in the form of outright blackmail and various sanctions, including the threat of the use of military force, in international relations," he pointed out.

The situation is unlikely to change in the immediate future and that is why the Russian system of military-technical cooperation that has been under the West’s sanctions for many years, uses the methods of work that help counter restrictions, he stressed.