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Top brass: New Russian armor enables installation of extra protection in field conditions

Protective armor sets are produced separately and delivered to the troops, Alexander Shestakov specified

MOSCOW, November 21. /TASS/. All of Russia’s new armor allows installing extra protection in field conditions, Chief of the Russian Defense Ministry’s Automotive Armor Department Major-General Alexander Shestakov said in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper on Monday.

"All of Russia’s armor produced since 2021 comes with improvements making it possible in field conditions to install elements of additional protection of the sides and the rear hull with lattice screens and also extra armor," the general pointed out.

Protective armor sets are produced separately and delivered to the troops, he specified.

Along with the endeavor of providing troops with advanced armaments, work is underway to standardize military equipment by mounting it on universal primary platforms, he added.

Russia’s armor to be more standardized and protected after 2030

Russia’s advanced armor will become more standardized and will offer an enhanced level of protection for the crew against conventional weapons pursuant to the concept of its development through 2030 and after, Shestakov said.

"In the process of developing new hardware, a lot of attention is paid to enhancing the level of personnel protection against the striking factors of conventional weapons, standardizing basic assemblies and systems and ensuring the modular design, which will help create various types of armaments and military equipment based on the families of these weapons and open up practically unlimited possibilities for their upgrade," the general elaborated.

Russia is currently developing advanced tanks, tracked and wheeled infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers under the Armata, Kurganets-25 and Bumerang experimental design work. This work will help create both new fighting vehicles and platforms (the primary chassis) for state-of-the-art armaments, military and special hardware for various military branches and services, the general said.