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Russia to react to attempts to break strategic parity — Putin

The Russian President noted that reliable protection of Russia against aerospace attacks and maintaining strategic parity directly depend on the combat readiness of its the aerospace forces

SOCHI, November 1. /TASS/. Russia sees threats to its security and is ready to provide a proper reaction to them, President Vladimir Putin told a meeting with the leadership of the Defense Ministry and defense industry representatives on Monday.

"We know, and we know it very well that some of our foreign partners haven’t abandoned attempts to break this [strategic] parity, including through the deployment of elements of global missile defense in the immediate vicinity of our borders," Putin noted.

"We cannot fail to notice these threats to Russia’s security and we will react to this accordingly, adequately to the situation," he stressed.

According to Putin, the meeting will look into a set of issues related to the strengthening of the aerospace forces. "This is one of the most powerful, hi-tech and maneuverable components of the modern Russian army. Reliable protection of Russia against aerospace attacks and maintaining strategic parity directly depend on their combat readiness and equipment," Putin said.

Putin called the lineup of the meeting traditional. "This format, as we have repeatedly stated, makes it possible to analyze extensively on a regular basis the state of Russia’s defense capability, and if necessary to timely adjust and update plans for modernizing the army and the fleet, the work of enterprises of the military-industrial sector," he added.

The Russian president stressed that the aerospace defense potential of the Russian Armed Forces grew sizably in recent years. "The missile attack warning system, both its components, operates flawlessly and efficiently," he stressed. The orbital group of satellites and ground-based radar stations detect the launches of ballistic missiles without fail, timely determine their parameters and notify the combat control centers, the president explained. He also reiterated that 25 S-400 air defense systems and over 70 modern jets were supplied in the past four years within the framework of a respective government program, and over 20 S-300 systems and 90 aircraft have been modernized.

"As a result, the efficiency of covering the essential military and industrial infrastructure has grown sizably," Putin summed up.