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Aman-21 multinational maneuvers switch to naval phase in Arabian Sea

The harbor phase of the Aman-21 drills ended in the Pakistani port of Karachi on February 14

ISLAMABAD, February 15. /TASS/. The naval phase of the Aman-21 multinational maneuvers kicked off in the Arabian Sea on Monday.

The naval ships of ten states will practice joint training operations at sea to interact in ensuring security in intensive shipping areas and repelling sea piracy threats, the maneuvers’ command announced.

Russia is represented in the drills by a naval group of the Black Sea Fleet that consists of the frigate Admiral Grigorovich with a deck-based helicopter, the patrol vessel Dmitry Rogachev and the rescue tug SB-739. The naval ships of the United States, China, the UK, Japan, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries are also participating in the exercise.

The harbor phase of the Aman-21 drills ended in the Pakistani port of Karachi on February 14. It culminated in an anti-terror training operation with the landing of a marine infantry force that also included marines and a mine clearance group of the Russian Navy.

The Aman-21 non-block multinational maneuvers running under the motto ‘Together for Peace’ since February 12 are aimed at strengthening and developing international military cooperation in the interests of security and stability at sea and exchanging the experience in repelling various threats in the World Ocean.

The drills involve 46 states, including the militaries from NATO countries, Russia, Iran and Ukraine, and also observers from Switzerland, Uzbekistan and other states that do not have their own navies.

The Aman-21 maneuvers will come to an end on February 16.