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Defense technology behemoth Rostec releases video of combat exoskeletons in action

The video portrays a soldier in full combat gear moving across rugged terrain, running, squatting, jumping onto a high platform, getting into a motor vehicle and ascending a stairway

MOSCOW, September 28. /TASS/. Russia's corporation Rostec has demonstrated some tests of unique exoskeletons, developed for the army and industry by the company Rostec - Trusted Platforms Robotic Complexes.

A video the company released on Monday shows a soldier in full combat gear moving across rugged terrain, running, squatting, jumping onto a high platform, getting into a motor vehicle and ascending a stairway.

"The exoskeleton is hidden beneath the clothes and gear. It does not hinder the soldier's movements, but on the contrary eases the strain on the locomotor system. It allows for easily carrying up to 60 kilograms of combat equipment and weapons, while its own weight is six kilograms," the video explains.

For staying in one posture for a long time the exoskeleton's joints can be blocked.

In December 2019, experts at the central research institute of precision instrument engineering TsNIITochMash (an affiliate of Rostec), which is working on the combat gear of the future Sotnik, said that in two or three years' time serial production of passive unpowered exoskeletons for carrying heavy weights would begin. The manufacturing of active exoskeletons may commence in four to six years' time.

Rostec then recalled that the already developed sample of a passive exoskeleton that helps personnel carry heavy loads had been tested in combat, including the operation in Syria. The corporation's press service did not rule out that the exoskeleton would be an integral part of the third generation combat gear Sotnik.