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Russia’s state arms exporter delivers combat aircraft worth over $6 bln in 2018

Aircraft and helicopters hold a leading place among products supplied by Rosoboronexport to the world market

MOSCOW, June 17. /TASS/. Russia’s state arms seller Rosoboronexport delivered combat aircraft and helicopters worth over $6 billion in 2018, the company’s press office said in a statement released on Monday on the eve of the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget in France.

"Aircraft and helicopters traditionally hold a leading place among products supplied by Rosoboronexport to the world market. In 2018, we delivered combat aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, engines and equipment for the Air Force worth over $6 billion," the press office quoted Rosoboronexport CEO Alexander Mikheyev as saying.

Rosoboronexport traditionally organizes the unified Russian exposition at the Le Bourget air show. Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Russian Helicopters rotorcraft manufacturer and the United Engine Corporation also take part in this exposition, apart from Rosoboronexport. Overall, the Le Bourget air show that will run on June 17-23 will demonstrate over 250 items of Russian armament and combat hardware.

Russia’s aviation at the Le Bourget air show will be represented by Su-35 and Su-30SME super-maneuverable fighter jets, the MiG-29M/M2 multirole fighter and the Yak-130 combat training plane. Russia will feature for the first time its light Il-112VE military transport plane and other aircraft that have been cleared for exports: the Su-32 fighter-bomber, the Il-78MK-90A aerial refueling tanker and the Il-76MD-90A(E) military transport plane.

Russian Helicopters Group will demonstrate the Ka-52 reconnaissance and attack helicopter, the Mi-28NE combat helicopter, the Mi-35M combat and transport rotorcraft, Mi-171Sh and Mi-17-V5 military transport helicopters, the Ka-226T light multipurpose round-the-clock helicopter and the Mi-26T2 heavy transport rotorcraft.

In Rosoboronexport’s estimate, Russia’s Oiron-E, Orlan-10E and Takhion unmanned aerial vehicles and also air defense complexes and electronic warfare systems with small-size Repellent drones, S-400 long-and medium-range surface-to-air complexes, Viking and Tor-M2E anti-aircraft missile systems, the Pantsyr air defense missile/gun system, Igla-S and Verba man-portable air defense systems will attract the viewers’ enhanced attention at the Paris Air Show 2019.