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Rally ‘This is Not Our War’ against Poland’s meddling in Ukraine conflict held in Warsaw

Security at the rally was ensured by the police

WARSAW, January 21. /TASS/. Participants of the ‘This is not our war’ march, who protest against the involvement of Poland and the Poles in the Ukraine conflict, took to the streets in Warsaw on Saturday.

As the organizers of the protest pointed out in the leaflets calling to join the rally, Polish politicians and media "are relentlessly pounding the Poles’ heads and hearts with war propaganda."

"The patriotic movement of fellow countrymen, bearing in mind our tragic history of 1939-1945 strongly protests against bellicose rhetoric. Three must be peace in Poland, and those who are prodding us into taking part in somebody else’s war should be held accountable," they said.

The protesters came to downtown Warsaw waving the flags of Poland and carrying banners proclaiming "This is not our war,’ ‘Stop the Americanization of Poland’, ‘We want to live in peace.’

Security at the rally was ensured by the police.