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Turkish defense ministry confirms receiving aircraft with S-400 parts

The fourth plane landed at Murted airbase

ANKARA, July 13. /TASS/. The Ministry of National Defense of Turkey confirmed on Saturday the landing of the fourth Russian aircraft with parts of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems at Murted airbase in the province of Ankara.

Deliveries of S-400 parts are continuing - the fourth plane landed at Murted airbase, the ministry said.

Deliveries to Turkey began on July 12. According to the Turkish Defense Ministry, on this day three cargo planes delivered several tractors and a loading vehicle from the S-400 complex.

The first reports of the negotiations between Russia and Turkey on the supply of S-400 appeared in November 2016. The contract was confirmed by the Russian side on September 12, 2017. Sergey Chemezov, General director of Rostec state corporation, said in December 2017 that the price of supplying Ankara with S-400 systems is $2.5 bln.

The S-400 Triumph (SA-21 Growler by NATO classification) is a Russian-made long-range and intermediate air defense missile system designed to eliminate all advanced and perspective aerospace weapons. It can hit aerodynamic targets at a range of up to 400 kilometers and tactical ballistic targets flying at a speed of 4.8 km/s at a distance of up to 60 kilometers. Such targets include cruise missiles, tactical and strategic aircraft and ballistic missile warheads. The radars detect aerial targets at a distance of up to 600 kilometers. The 48N6E3 missiles can hit aerodynamic targets at altitudes of 10,000-27,000 meters and ballistic targets at altitudes of 2,000-25,000 meters.