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Russia recovers black boxes from crashed Tu-22M3 bomber

According to the law enforcement, the search for the fourth crew member is ongoing

MOSCOW, April 22. /TASS/. Two black boxes from a Tu-22M3 strategic bomber that crashed in Russia’s Stavropol Region on Friday have been recovered, a law enforcement official told TASS.

"Both black boxes, a parametric recorder and a cockpit voice recorder, have been found at the site of the crash. They have been sent to a military lab for decoding," the official said.

Meanwhile, the search for the fourth crew member is ongoing, he added. TASS does not have the official confirmation of this report at its disposal.

Earlier reports said that a Tu-22M3 aircraft crashed in the Stavropol Region after completing a combat mission while returning to the base airfield. One of the crew members has been killed, and two others have been hospitalized. According to preliminary information, the accident might have been caused by a technical malfunction.